Matt Addicott is a performance maker and theatre director based in the UK.

He has been producing his own work since 2007.

Matt is also currently programming performances and managing the participatory drama programme for Platform, a venue in Glasgow.

He first started working at the venue in 2009 as part of a residency with Starcatchers – a pioneering organisation specialising in developing high quality new and original performances for early years audiences.

Prior to this Matt worked with Imaginate, a unique organisation that promote and develop performing arts for children and young people in Scotland.

He spent two years with Imaginate, observing, assisting and collaborating with various well regarded theatre makers including Guy Hollands, Andy Manley and Dougie Irvine.

Matt enjoys working across art forms and as well as theatre and performances has produced films, installations and books.

Some of Matt’s work is scripted, some of it devised and he also enjoys working on other people’s projects as a dramaturg. Whatever the project Matt enjoys working with others and regular collaborators include Lewis Hetherington, Claire Halleran, Katy Wilson, Joanna Süsskind, Geraldine Heaney, Michael John McCarthy, Visible Fictions and Gomito Productions.

Matt is an associate artist with both Platform and Starcatchers and also one of Gomito Production’s associate directors.

Together with Hazel Darwin Edwards he co-ordinates Patter – a network for artists with experience of or an interest in making work for early years audiences.

If you want to learn more about Matt and his work you might be interested in this interview which appeared in the Practice.ie journal, this film of a Pecha Kucha presentation that Matt gave to the ArtWorks Scotland conference or this research report published by Starcatchers and the University of Strathclyde in 2012.


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Performance Maker and Theatre Director

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